WorkPackage 1

Measurements of stable and labile species for kinetic model validation

It is proposed to experimentally study the kinetics of oxidation and the formation of pollutants using 2G-biofuels, surrogates and conventional fuels. To address the issue of NOx/fuel interaction in relation to the use of EGR in future engines, we propose to measure two key-intermediates participating to this process to better assess the kinetics of interaction of NO on fuels’ ignition and oxidation: (1) HO2 will be measured using a new experimental set-up combining a jet-stirred reactor and cavity ring down spectroscopy; (2) HONO, a carcinogenic compound, will be measured using an adaptation of a commercial instrument. Primary reference fuels, 2G-biofuels, and surrogates will be considered in this research. The benefit in terms of reduced pollution from engines will be assessed.